Traversing the Desert Southwest, performing and making new friends.


Cleopatra Hill Vinyl Record 9-Song Album, Cover Drawing by Lucy Hardie


Cleopatra Hill DigiPak CD 9-Song Album, Cover Drawing by Lucy Hardie


Cleopatra Hill Art Poster, 18" x 24", Unframed, Drawing by Lucy Hardie, Signed by Amelia Poe and Daniel Martin Diaz

Ghost In You Album Cover

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Ghost In You Vinyl Record 7-Song Album


Ghost In You Special Edition Crystal Vinyl Record 7-Song Album


Ghost In You Digipak CD 7-Song Album 12-Page Booklet


Ghost In You Single Collector’s Edition of 30 Wooden Records / Hand-Made Wooden Box, Lathe-Cut Vinyl / Collaboration with Michael Dixon of Piaptk Lathe-Cut Recordings, Rudy Flores Etching, Design by DMD


Hidden Hand Poker Deck / 54-Card Deck, Hand-Drawn by DMD, Premium 310gsm French Linen Casino Quality Cardstock, 2.5"x3.5"


Ghost In You Wooden Flash Drive / Digital Booklet / 7-Song Album


Crystal Radio Clever Fox Tremolo Guitar Pedal / Inspired by the tone of vintage tremolo guitar amps, a hauntingly beautiful and atmospheric addition to your arsenal of effects

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November 18 Cleopatra Hill Vinyl Release Party Owl's Club Tucson


December 18 Valley Bar Phoenix

December 17 The Raven Prescott AZ

November 6 Tap & Bottle Tucson

September 23 Flycatcher Tucson

September 10 Ghost In You Vinyl Release Club Congress Tucson

July 20 Club Congress Tucson

July 7 Tap & Bottle Tucson

May 25 Club Congress Tucson

Apr 9 Downtown Radio Benefit Screening Room Tucson

Mar 9 Club Congress Tucson 

Feb 27th Canal Convergence Scottsdale  

Feb 10th Club Congress Tucson 


Oct 11  5:30 -7:30 PM  Tucson Museum of Art Biennial Bash

Nov 5 The Mint Los Angeles


Crystal Radio Survival Kit II: Includes the Ghost In You Wooden Record, Ghost In You Crystal Record, Ghost In You Digipak CD, Elixir Flask, Potions Flask, Hidden Hand Poker Deck, Crystal Radio vinyl sticker, and the Crystal Radio Clever Fox Tremolo Pedal!

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Amelia Poe 


Crystal Radio, featuring Amelia Poe and Daniel Martin Diaz, sounds like a haunted western about ghosts and dreams, Ennio Morricone meets David Lynch. What began as a summer road trip in 2013 to the beautiful Arizona western towns of Jerome and Prescott, became the beginning of a three-year journey of creativity and the inspiration for the invention of Amelia's Crystal Theremin by DMD. The project is inspired by the mysticism of the West and Amelia’s ghost from 16th Century France, Elisabeth of Valois. There are two albums to this project: Ghost In You and Cleopatra Hill.

Ghost In You, Crowdsourced by Kickstarter, and Cleopatra Hill, were recorded at Ghost Town Studios in Jerome, Arizona, Tucson Arizona, and Aarhus, Denmark by producer Gabriel Sullivan (Giant Sand, XIXA), mixed in Aarhus Denmark by Nikolaj Heyman (Giant Sand, Desoto Caucus), and mastered by Gavin Lurssen in Los Angeles. 


'Ghost In You' Single Collector’s Edition of 30 Wooden Records, Hand-Made Wooden Box, Insert, Wooden Record with Lathe-Cut Vinyl Mock-Up / Collaboration with Michael Dixon of Piaptk Lathe-Cut Recordings

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"My inspiration for the vocals and lyrics was a catharsis that stemmed from many things: my new found love for the beauty of the West, the haunted towns of Jerome and Prescott, a mystic that told me I needed to let go of my ghost, Elisabeth of Valois, 16th Century Queen of Spain, a mystic in Prescott that taught me about my path and Spirit Animal Totems, who told me I was a Spider that weaved the perfect web, so perfect that I couldn't even walk on it and to tear it down and start again, and the reinventing of our marriage and partnership. It has been a life changing experience and I feel fortunate to have met these inspirational women and so many friends and musicians on our journeys, and to be able to collaborate with producers Gabriel Sullivan and Nikolaj Heyman and all of the amazing musicians that performed on the project! To me, it is like magic!" – Amelia Poe

                                                                                                                                 Photo by C Elliott

REVIEW: Live at Club Congress 

By Marta DeLeon, Sopablog

A crystal radio is a cat’s whisker receiver -a popular vintage radio receiver. On a late winter/very early spring Thursday - well this IS Tucson, Az, at Club Congress, smokey sonica emitted from the main proscenium stage, receiving the audience members from the bar room. Sound of casting out guitar lines hummed purple and pink purple colored tones. I had previously seen Crystal Radio a month earlier at the Alter Der Ruine release show, from the recommendation of Ben Nisbet (Katie Haverly). That night they drew me in with the swaggery assured vocals of Paula (Amelia Poe). She paints vocal colors ala Concrete Blonde’s Johnette meets Siouxsie’s phrasing with the lilt of Hope Sandoval. 

Easy to go down this aesthetic road with the beauty of the band. The guitars yes are effected, tremelo and verb for starters. A web of haunting strings where Poe’s spider climbs and weaves you. Within deeper research to the band’s formation, Daniel Diaz or DMD, the guitarist to stage right is the main collaborator with Poe, since the band’s incubation. For all you pedal nerds, Diaz custom makes pedals - find it here and start drooling; - Together they are also a one stop shop for illustration, video and poetry. This explains the aroma which is the heart of their live performance and their music. Not to knock the super hero group of players that join them onstage. Gabe Sullivan (XIXA,Giant Sand) provides Tom Waits and Nick Cavesque back-up vocals which accent the moving moods of the songs. He and Naim Amor (The Naim Amor Band) and Diaz take turns with solos, leads and rhythm on guitar. This lends a clever and balanced way of keeping the audience guessing. Amor’s playing, especially seem to sprite out front with a joyful ecstasy along the band’s lacy tether. 

Crystal Radio could easily be the soundtrack for the state of Arizona. They reference small mining towns and the ghosts that we exhale out as part of their musical DNA. Another distinction of the this background is their rhythm section. Sean Peter Rogers (bass) and Bruce Halper (drums)- provide smooth caves of mystery that glide and texture and then are the grandiose mountains surrounding the other players. Crystal Radio is releasing a full length this year and launching a Kickstarter March 1st to help with the release. I encourage seeing them live to get the full flavor, and let them know to put their cover of Modern English’s “Melt With You”. Their take on this classic with Poe’s slanted and menacing phrasing buttressed with the joyful melancholy of haunting guitar lines is something like an early spring night, that bites you and wakes you up just enough to enjoy it. - SL

Amelia Poe on the set of "The Moth Intermezzo" video, LoveSmack Studios, Tucson, AZ. 

Photo by DMD


DMD on the set of "Truth" video, The Connor Hotel, Jerome, Arizona. 

Photo by Jessica Kozel

"Crystal Radio is about getting back to the basics of songwriting and challenging myself with chords that jump out of key, and using interesting modes and untypical chord progressions. I was channeling the desert and traditional music from this part of the world; a western twang, but darker. I was open to Gabe arranging the songs so I wouldn’t have to think about arrangements. I was free to write music and focus on Amelia’s lyrics and melody." - DMD 


Amelia Poe playing The Crystal Theremin, Sacred Machine, Tucson, Arizona

About the Crystal Theremin

Not long after we wrote the first song, Ghost In You, which is about the ghost, Elisabeth of Valois, Daniel became inspired to invent an instrument for me to play; something haunting and mystical. We became immersed in the music of Tinariwen on our ghost town road trips that fueled the concept even more. Daniel worked with an engineer from MIT to construct and program the components he envisioned for this instrument, that we affectionately named, the Crystal Theremin

We found a crystal radio from France on eBay that was built in 1900 to house the inner workings of the Crystal Theremin, which is the only one of its kind in the world! After this wonderful find, we decided to name the band Crystal Radio! You can here me play this haunting and beautiful instrument in the introduction of the song Ghost In You.

About the recording process

When I fantasized about where I wanted to record these special songs, I knew it must be at Ghost Town Studios in Jerome! Daniel and producer Gabriel Sullivan (Giant Sand, XIXA) agreed. Gabe invited bassist Thøger Lund (Giant Sand, Desoto Caucus) and drummer Winston Watson (Bob Dylan, Warren Zevon) to join us in Jerome. We captured eleven tracks that these veteran players had never heard before, in just one or two live takes over the course of four days. It was a magical experience! 

Soon after, Daniel and I flew to Aarhus, Denmark to sit in on what was to be a mixing session of the songs with engineer and musician Nikolaj Heyman (Desoto Caucus, Giant Sand) and instead recorded three more songs live in one or two takes with Nikolaj, and Desoto Caucus bassist and drummer Henrik Poulsen and Peter Dombernowsky, respectively. Another incredible session! To add to the recordings, Gabe brought in a stellar group of musicians to add to the tracks at his studio, Dust and Stone Recording Studio in Tucson. The tracks were then sent off for mastering by Grammy Award-Winning mastering engineer, Gavin Lurssen in Los Angeles, California. It's been one hell of a ride!

Amelia Poe recording with Producer Nikolaj Heyman, Aarhus, Denmark

Photo by DMD.

Amelia Poe on the set of "All But A Dream" video, LoveSmack Studios, Tucson, Arizona. 

Photo by DMD

About the music videos

Daniel and I decided that we wanted to create some music videos. On one of our trips to Prescott, we were hanging out with our friend, choreographer and videographer, Jessica Kozel, and brought up the idea of making a video. She was totally on board and we brainstormed ideas over a few bottles of wine. 

Shortly after, we bought a Nikon D800 on eBay and went up to Jerome with Jess, and our friend's Allan and Josie, and shot the music video for “Ghost In You” at our friend and poet, Christopher Nilo's house. We shot it in one evening and a few hours the next day. Chris was so cool that he let us transform his living room into a haunted set! When we got back to Tucson, we filmed the haunted band shots at Allan and Josie's studio LoveSmack. We had so much fun shooting and editing the videos that we filmed five more with Jess over the next few months and established Atomic Heart Films!

Photo by C Elliott

Review: Live at Lovesmack Studios
By Joshua Levine, Tucson Weekly 

Tucked away beyond the food trucks and noise of the Toole Avenue Art Walk (TAART Walk) was the debut performance of Crystal Radio, the latest musical experiment by Amelia Poe and DMD. The atmosphere was austere but not suffocatingly so, and the real stars of the show were not the musicians.

First, there were the ghosts that Poe explained inspired Crystal Radio's songs, and then there was the Crystal Radio itself - a custom made theremin-like synthesizer designed to tangibly conjure up these ghosts. If this sounds like heady stuff, it didn't play out that way. At its core the music was leisurely paced jazz and chalky folk, like something that might appear on an album by This Mortal Coil, the '80s 4AD Records super group who specialized in covers by the likes of Tim Buckley or Leonard Cohen. As with both Tim Buckley and the 4AD roster at that time, Crystal Radio prefer feel over form, the sound of sighs chipping away at structure. In and of themselves, the individual songs were all truly gorgeous, shimmering and glistening, echoing against the noises each instrument made. Poe's voice waded a few steps behind DMD's treated guitar and piano playing. The Crystal Radio itself came out a few times, presumably articulating otherworldly experiences. Less frightening than I would have preferred, but the sounds this machine makes—as it's designed to be uncontrollably random—are certainly evocative of some unseen presence. On these ambient pieces DMD sounded like he was playing a guitar factory.

There's a subtle difference between pretension and ambition in execution, but a universe in theory. Poe and DMD both know this. By keeping the mood light and intimate, listeners could buy into or disregard the existence of spirits, and just enjoy the beauty of the music itself. Stripped down and soulful, it was a complete turnaround from Blind Divine's standard shoegaze wailing wall. The only thing left was the guts and the essence; or, as they named it, the Crystal Radio. -JL

Amelia Poe on the set of "All But A Dream" video, LoveSmack Studios, Tucson, Arizona 

Photo by DMD

Magnet Magazine


Solid States is the Posies’ first new collection since 2010’s Blood/Candy, and the circumstances surrounding its conception couldn’t have been more different than those of its predecessor. First and foremost were the double-gut-punch deaths of two longtime band members: drummer Darius Minwalla in 2015, and bassist Joe Skyward earlier this year. There was also a divorce and a remarriage for Jon Auer, who, like Ken Stringfellow, now lives in France. Life-changing events aside, the Posies are back with yet another great album. Stringfellow and Auer will be guest editing all week.


Auer: Indeed, this extended run of pop-up shows on the current Posies Solid StatesSecret Shows tour takes us to places both unlikely and unexpected. It’s not just the audiences who don’t know what or where they are eventually getting themselves into; with few notable exceptions, it’s a mystery to us as well. From a dusty backyard in Phoenix (replete with a fire pit and a few unseen scorpions, methinks) to a carpeted Unitarian church near Atlanta (where an almost Dionysian pre-show potluck occurred), no one in attendance, including us, is left wanting for variety and uniqueness. It also provides ample proof that there are many intriguing people to meet along the way, as evidenced by the sold-out turnouts and new friends and re-connections made. We decided to make a last-minute stop in Tucson on May 2 for a show at the R-Bar (adjacent to the historic Rialto Theater), and I was impressed at how bustling and vibrant the area around the venue was, even if and especially on a Monday. It was almost like being at a mini-SXSW in a way, circa 2001, when SXSW wasn’t as over-run as it is now.

This was a Posies duo show, sans drums, and we set up on the floor of the bar all-living room-style and delivered our make-it-up-as-we-go-along setlist to some real diehard fans while a series of random movie clips played on a giant screen behind us. Naturally, every once and a while, when I didn’t have to sing, I was compelled to do a 180 and take in the view the folks in the audience were getting, and I have to say, combined with a bit of residual jet lag and what can only be coined as “long-drive delirium,” the marriage of the images coupled to the sound of our music was exceptionally surreal, like we were at the epicenter of an After School Special musical version of a David Lynch film. I’m fairly certain the fact that the entire color scheme of the bar was red (chairs, walls, floors, large cactus statue on a red-brick-coffee-table type of thing—even my guitar and Ken’s keyboard were and are still red) upped the psychedelic Twin Peaks vibe ante a bit as well. To quote Bill Murray’s indelible character Carl in a key point of the movie Caddyshack, the whole scene at the R-Bar (and then by osmosis becoming a somewhat dreamlike byproduct in my overstimulated brain) on this particular evening was rather “striking.”

After the show, we stayed at a house on the outskirts of town, and our hosts for the night were Daniel Martin Diaz and Paula Catherine Valencia. Both were impeccable in their hospitality, very warm and friendly, and obviously and naturally aesthetically inclined as their home colorfully reflected a sense of symmetry and taste. Musical instruments and other sound-making devices were brought out for us to examine, and though we’d all intended to rest up after the show, somehow, quite organically, the evening morphed into a trippy drone of a jam session based on a guitar loop I created followed by some inspired late-night conversation. I discovered Daniel is a fine artist with incredible detail in his work, which is both grounded in echoes of this earth yet somehow other worldly at the same time, no easy balance to strike, in my opinion. Paula (using the stage name Amanda Poe) fronts a band that Daniel is also in called Crystal Radio. She sings with an expressive, cinematic voice, and the music sounds especially good while driving through desert terrain. At the end of said night, Daniel was generous enough to give me a bound collection of his art compiled with some writings called Soul Of Science, and it’s very impressive to say the least, a heavy sacred geometry vibe, page after page. All in all it was an evening for the book(s) (pun intended), and it really seems like they have their life together dialed in. Here’s to you, Daniel and Paula.

As seen on ELEMENTARY starring Jonny Lee Miller as detective Sherlock Holmes and Lucy Liu as Dr. Joan Watson on CBS!



Crystal Radio Clever Fox Tremolo Guitar Pedal

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Inspired by the tone of vintage tremolo guitar amps, a hauntingly beautiful and atmospheric addition to your arsenal of effects

Marc Maron interviews Pete Correale and at the end of the episode plays the Crystal Radio Tremolo Pedal

Listen to the full episode here

WTF Podcast: Episode 679 - Pete Correale  


Gabriel Sullivan, Amelia Poe, WInston Watson, DMD, and Thøger Lund Recording at Ghost Town Studios, Jerome Arizona. 

Photo By Melissa Aparicio.

 Amelia Poe and DMD at Dunbar/Spring, Tucson Arizona

Photo by Jessica Kozel.


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